First Step

First of all, familiarize yourself with our Website read everything carefully.If you have understood everything and are of the Opinion that we are the right Partner for You, you can register. Please note to register and participate you need a Steem Account. If you do not have one yet, you can create one here for free.

if you already have a steem account you can go directly to step two.

second Step

When you are ready you can register under Memberarea. Please make sure that you register with your Steem Username. This is very important. Since all Members get an individual Account and important Documents are made available which are only intended for private use. If you do not register with your Steem Username, an Assignment is not possible.Please use a strong Password!

After successful Registration you will receive an Email from us please also look in your Spam Folder, add us to your Contacts to receive all Notifications.

Third Step

Log in to your personal Account and familiarize yourself with the Functions. Now that you are a registered Member Your Account has two Functions. Function one You can use it to create a personal Profile and to experience with other Users exchange and connect.

Function two if you decide to purchase Shares and thus earn income you will find an Overview of your Portfolio in the private Sector, but this is only visible after you have purchased Shares. If you choose Function two go to step four.

Step four/Buying Shares

Now that you have decided to purchase Shares, follow the next Steps.Go to the Steemengine Page at simply log in with your Steem Username and your private posting Key. Go to Token in the menu and enter CPS. Now you will find the Token which corresponds to the Shares of CPS Media. You will now see the trading Area. You now have two Options you can purchase Shares and leave them in your Steemengine Account for trading. However, this Option has one Disadvantage. You now own Shares but they do not generate any Income. So please pay Attention to the following Information over Option two in step five.

step five/activate your Shares

Now that you own Shares and of course want to receive Income, just follow this Step – it’s really easy.Only one Transaction is necessary to generate Income from your Shares.Go to your Wallet and transfer the desired Number of Shares to our Steemaccount, which is cpsmedia. You don’t need a Message. We don’t keep your Shares, they are Yours and will remain Yours. You can find an Overview of your Shares in your Account on To get a Payout of your Income, simply click on Payout in your cpsmedia Account in your private Area. You will then receive a Steem Payment and your Shares back, which you can sell or reactivate for Income generating.

a few last words

Now that you are Part of our Community and generate Income together with us, we would like to welcome you as a Member and say thank you.As our Member, we will accompany You as long as you want to remain a Member and give you the best possible Support.We are always available for Questions and provide you with everything you need via our Steemit page and direct Contact over Contactformular.A few last very important Words… we are real People and run a real Business and we are just as interested in a successful Cooperation as you are. If you have any Doubts about it, please do not use our Service Thank you.