CPS Media Agency and As iNetservices a long Way

it is not the Time that changes us, but  Technologie 

CPS Media was founded in 2019 with the current Team. Before that it was called AS iNetservices since 2005 and was run as a one-man Company by the current CEO Andreas Schliewenz.

AS inetServices was mainly in the field of Website Building, Programming and Advertising.

Webmaster work was also part of the day-to-day Business. Some successful Projects have been developed over the Years.

these are

megaglix.de a Site especially for Klammlose Users, one of the oldest virtual Currencies long before Blockchain Technology emerged.

unipaid.net a Site especially for the Marketing of Advertising.

fairbux.net a Site especially for online Marketing and Advertising.

mw-slots.de an online Casino Site with various virtual Currencies.

And much more. However, these Projects were sold over the Years and were discontinued by the new Webmasters over the Years due to the change to new Techologys.

As iNetservices also had to keep up with the Times and entered the Blockchain Business. This was followed by many Seminars and Training Courses.

Much has been learned and applied to today’s work at CPS Media Agency.Our eye-work today is the Creation of a great Community with the some interrest and the Marketing of reward based Content in new social Networks like Steemit, Hive, Appics and Uhive.

As you can see we are not a new Agency but we have changed over the Course to new Ideas, Technologies and a stronger Team.