A few facts about our Token. Our Token has the following Character: The official Issueraccount of the Token is @gysmo this is the private Account from our CPS Media CEO. The Stakeaccount for the Token is @cpsmedia our Business Account. The Token has two Functions: 1. Investors can use the Token to trade. 2. Token holders can stake the Token for income through our Website. Function 2 give you a monthly Dividend. Token Amount 100,000,000 introductory price 0.01 Steem, this Price was chosen because we have a stable Token. The Value of the Tokens cannot fall below the Introductory Price. This gives our Users a certain degree of Security because the Token can be returned to us at any Time at the introductory Price – a Maximum of 85 Percent of the Tokens are made available for Sale. 15 Percent of the Tokens are kept by the CPS Team and to ensure that the Cost of work and Effort is covered.


Income is generated by curating and creating reward based Content in various Networks. In addition, Income is generated through Sponsorship, the marketing of Advertising, holding Coinportfolios, Lending and Trading of Cryptocurrencies. Another Income is the Promoting and Recruitment of Users in Cashbacksystems with Refprovisions. How is the Income distributed with our new Token? 15 Percent of all generated Income goes directly to our Team. The remaining 85 Percent will be distributed as follows. 20 Percent go to Reserves for buyback Costs for Tokens that Users want to return to Us. 55 Percent goes as Income to Stakeholders. 10 Percent goes directly in the Tokenvalue that Users hold on our Website that means when a User hold Tokens for Income on our Website this Tokens generate Income and grows in Value. E.G. when a User will return he s Token from he s Portfolio on CPS Media he becomes not the same Amount that he has deposited but more Tokens according to the Initialprice and current Value.

Why the TokenPrice increase

It’s pretty simple to explain. We sell Tokens at a starting Price but when the Tokens are sold we have to buy Tokens at the current Price on the Market. Because we need these Tokens to Cash out Investors who want to liquidate their Stake on CPS Media. We have to buy these Tokens at the current Market Price because we are not producing any new ones. This Buyback guarantees a cycle that will not let the Market stand still, as we build up Reserves for this, a Buyback is guaranteed. At this Point it is clear that we have no Influence on the Price who Traders make, but it is also clear that Traders want to make a Profit through a higher Price, which she can make higher through our Interest. As you can see, our Token Concept is well thought out and designed for long-term Success. Please keep in mind we can not guarantee that the Price will rise, that should be clear, but we are constantly moving this Market.