new ways for contendcreators

rewarded contend is a new way for many to generate income with contend in social networks, we are also going this way. follow us on this way and benefit from us 

why we offer shares ?

the question is answered pretty quickly. through Investments we increase our Influence, create new income opportunities and thus everyone benefits from our influence and our activities

how we create income ?

we make money by creating contend, sharing good contend, curating others contend, holding stakes and promoting our sponsors and followers

why CPS-stakes increasing ?

it’s easy with every day we generate income. Part of this income flows directly into the stakes and increases the value. If you buy stakes today, they are more valuable tomorrow

Our  Vision

Enjoy the best possibilities and techniques combined with the future

We have the opinion that everyone should be allowed to earn income in the simplest possible way without great effort. We would like to give everyone the opportunity to achieve this together with us.It is easy to achieve and gives you the opportunity to make your life easier and you have more time for the important things in life.

A few things we’re great at

this is a small part of our experience, we are constantly growing and expanding our possibilities

social media Experience

We have many years of experience in the field of social media and are constantly expanding it.

exchange of Experiences 

Exchanging experiences with other users is important to us and makes us more successful.

growing Team

We are a young and growing team everyone in our team has their own skills and contributes them.

Blockchain Experience

We have many years of experience with blockchain technology. Since many new networks are based on this technology, we have an advantage.

achieve new Goals

When we have achieved a goal we are satisfied but we are constantly striving to achieve new goals for ourselves and our users

we think in the Future

We think into the future and think ahead, we are constantly looking for new possibilities, technologies and Partners, we are constantly educating ourselves.

Now it’s Time for the most important Question!

why this project was born?

Our project was born to grow.We would like to become a large community to let others participate in our success and to give each the chance to build a new foothold together with us.Big social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are only interested in their own profit. We want to go other ways and want to show people that there are other networks from which all users benefit.As a member, you benefit constantly from new opportunities and news about reward-based networks.Sure everyone can go this way themselves but with us by your side you have a head start.We are always at your side.

Join us! It will only take a minute

our Team

so that you also know who we are here is a short introduction more informations you can find on our about us sektion.

Andreas Schliewenz
Founder and CEO

Andreas is the Founder and Head of AS iNetservices since 2005 and CPS Media Agency since 2019.Andreas has been enthusiastic about blockchain technology since 2009 and he has been a coin holder, Investor, trader and java programmer. Since 2017, Andreas is enthusiastic about reward based social media networks and is constantly looking for new techniques and opportunities.Andreas founded CPS Media to let other people participate in this future technologies.

Patrick Eimert

Patrick is Andreas’s best friend and shares his interests equally.Patrick is very involved in social media and has a lot of experience in this area. Through Andreas he became aware of this new type of reward-based social media and was able to inspire him straight away. The decision for CPS Media was obvious because he was looking for new ways too. Such as Andreas,Patrick has many experience with blockchain technology and is fascinated by the new possibilities.

Hatice Varallyai
social media web officer

Hatice is our youngest team member but certainly not the most inexperienced. Hatice is Patrick’s girlfriend, mother of a wonderful son and an ambitious social media fan. She inspires us every day with new ideas and completes our young team.Hatice is responsible for contact with other users around the world. Hatice is our connection to other users in conventional social media networks and our speaker in public and press releases.

latest news from our Blog

here you find the newest informations arround CPS-Media 

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working hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00 – 18:00

Sat: 8:00 – 14:00

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our income streams

a right media mix can make the difference. We have different sources of income but these are the most important